Welcome to this website for supporting Deaf people in Developing Countries.

We have prepared this information which will be useful for supporting Deaf people
in Developing Countries. There are three different sections:

The first section is about "Non-Government Organisations" which has information
about development aid projects for Developing Countries.

In the second section there is a list of countries from the list of member countries
of the United Nations (UN) but which are not Ordinary Members of World Federation
of the Deaf (WFD)

The third section is titled "Governments support developing countries" which has a
list of the governments which has International Development programmes.

Frontrunners 2 have researched the lists of WFD Ordinary Members and UN Members.
They have found there are a number of countries which do not have an organisation
for Deaf people based on the World Bank definition of their developing country

That's why Frontrunners 2 are interested to develop a website to encourage Deaf
people in Developing Countries to make a contact with Deaf Associations (Ordinary
Member of WFD) to establish a partnership co-operation projects. Please see the
WFD Policies:

WFD Policy: Work Done by Member Organisations in Developing Countries
WFD Policy: WFD Work in Developing countries

The website has been revised and updated by Frontrunn3rs.

This information, which you find here, is for 2008. You can use this information here
as a tool for you to start a co-operation programme. If you want more details, you
can use our tools yourself.

World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) supports this initiative by Frontrunners to create
a website dedicated to Deaf people in Developing Countries. This website will be a
valuable way to increase knowledge on how to approach relevant organisations to
obtain the funding, to improve the lives of Deaf people.

We hope you will support Deaf people in Developing Countries!
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