Here is the list of Non-government Organisations, which support developing countries.
You can find name, e-mail-address, website and goals.



Goal/Criteria: A world without poverty in which every person can exercise their right to a life of dignity.

Action Against Hunger

Goal/Criteria: Fighting the hunger


Goal/Criteria: Development and social service organisations working to build a better world, especially for the poor and oppressed

African Council for Communication Education

Goal/Criteria: Promoting journalism, development of communication resources in Africa and creating awareness among African policy makers and planners on the role of communication in national development


Goal/Criteria: Improving accountability and performance in the humanitarian sector through learning. They can be categorised into 3 types: core activities, project activities and linked activities.

America Cares

Goal/Criteria: Supporting a long-term humanitarian assistance programs for all people around the world, irrespective of race, creed or political persuasion.

Amnesty International

Goal/Criteria: Working To Protect Human Right Worldwide.

Ansar Burney Trust

Goal/Criteria: Fighting against all forms of injustices, cruel inhuman and degrading treatment, child abuse, cruelty to women and other more subtle forms of human and civil rights violations without any discrimination or affiliation.

Asian-South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education (ASPBAE)

Goal/Criteria: ASPBAE's fundamental purpose is to advance and defend the right of all people to learn and have equitable access to relevant and quality learning opportunities throughout their lives, enabling them to cope, survive and transform their conditions and define their own destiny.

Association for the Prevention of Torture

Goal/Criteria: Working to prevent torture and ill-treatment rather than denounce State practices or help to rehabilitate victims.

Association of African Universities (AAU)

Goal/Criteria: The apex organization and forum for consultation, exchange of information and co-operation among institutions of higher education in Africa. It represents the voice of higher education in Africa on regional and international bodies and supports networking by institutions of higher education in teaching, research, information exchange and dissemination.


Goal/Criteria: The three main focuses for our work is fight against, and treatment of, tuberculosis, development of DPOs in poor countries, and community based rehabilitation (CBR).

Australian Relief & Mercy Services (ARMS)

Goal/Criteria: ARMS is the mercy ministries arm of Youth With A Mission Australia and uses the international resources of YWAM to provide humanitarian relief and developmental assistance to those in need.


Goal/Criteria: Underlying causes of poverty so that people can become self-sufficient.

Caritas Internationalis

Goal/Criteria: Development and social service organisations working to build a better world, especially for the poor and oppressed.

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

Goal/Criteria: The volunteer or group of volunteers offers time, energy and effort to a project of benefit to a community.


Defence for Children - International (DCI)

Goal/Criteria: To ensure on-going, practical, systematic and concerted international action specially directed towards promoting and protecting the rights of the child.

Disabled Peoples Organisations - Denmark (DPOD)

Goal/Criteria: The overall goal of the DPOD Miniprogramme is to improve the opportunities for persons with disabilities in the developing countries so that these people can implement and achieve their rights as human beings. Thus the focus of the Miniprogramme is both development and building of strong organisations of persons with disabilities in developing countries and lobbying and advocacy in relation to governments in developing countries in order to make them comply with the human rights for persons with disabilities.

Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development (DCDD)

Goal/Criteria: DCDD’s mission is to work for the inclusion and social participation of people with disabilities who live in situations of poverty and exclusion, from the perspective of human rights and solidarity.

Education International (EI)

Goal/Criteria: Education International protects the rights of every teacher and education worker, and every student they educate. We assist the development of democratic organisations for Teachers and other Education Workers and build Solidarity & Mutual Co-operation. We combat Racism & Discrimination in Education and Society, fostering good Relations between Education workers in all countries.


Goal/Criteria: Serving the poor and improving the conditions of disadvantaged people in the developing world

FIDA International

Goal/Criteria: Provide assistance to our neighbours in need in crisis areas, without regard to their ethnic background, creed, gender or nationality.


Goal/Criteria: - Acts as the service and collaboration organ for its member associations in issues concerning disability and development co-operation;
# Gathers and distributes information and provides training on issues concerning disability and development in developing countries and
# Lobbies for the mainstreaming of disability issues in international development co-operation.

Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS)

Goal/Criteria: An international group that helps people in need reduce their dependence on humanitarian aid and facilitates their transition to sustainable self-reliant, long-term development.


Global Fund for Women

Goal/Criteria: A world of equality and social justice, advocates for and defends women's human rights by making grants to support women's groups around the world.


Goal/Criteria: Working to the alleviation of the suffering of the poorest of the poor.

Handicap International

Goal/Criteria: The International Campaign to ban the Landmine.

Help without Frontiers

Goal/Criteria: To provide help and support across national frontiers as well as across the frontiers that may exist in our minds and hearts.

International Federation for Human Rights (IFHR)

Goal/Criteria: The aim of the FIDH is to obtain effective improvements in the protection of victims, the prevention of Human Rights abuse and the prosecution of those responsible.


Médecins du Monde

Goal/Criteria: An independent humantarian medical aid agency.

Médecins sans Frontières

Goal/Criteria: An independent humantarian medical aid agency.

Mercy Corp

Goal/Criteria: Working to promote the well being of all people and the Earth.

Mercy Ship

Goal/Criteria: A global charity, has operated hospital ships in developing nations.

Oxfam International

Goal/Criteria: Worldwide public understanding that economic and social justice are crucial to sustainable development. We strive to be a global campaigning force promoting the awareness and motivation that comes with global citizenship while seeking to shift public opinion in order to make equity the same priority as economic growth.


Planète Urgence

Goal/Criteria: To participate in various humanitarian missions to help local populations in their development efforts or to work on environmental protection programmes.

Red Cross

Goal/Criteria: An independent humantarian medical aid agency.

Save the Children

Goal/Criteria: Child Protection


Goal/Criteria: Eradicate poverty and strengthen the human rights for persons with disabilities through development co-operation



Goal/Criteria: Relieving suffering and offering hope is at the heart of Tearfund's vision.

The International Federation Terre des Hommes

Goal/Criteria: Child protection (work for and with children): Child Trafficking & Child soldiers


Women's Human Rights

Goal/Criteria: Working to protect Human Rights Woman.

World Relief

Goal/Criteria: We believe showing suffering people that Christians care and that the Church wants to make a lasting impact on their lives.

World Vision International

Goal/Criteria: Working to promote the well being of all people - especially children.

ZOA Refugee Care

Goal/Criteria: Supporting refugees, internally displaced (IDPs), returnees and others affected by conflict or natural disaster in their transition from instability and lack of basic needs towards a situation in which conditions enabling a process of structural development have been (re-)established.

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